Welcome to droneSafe

Consulting Services for the safe operation of Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

Do you operate, or are planning to operate, a remotely piloted aircraft system as part of your business operations? Are you and your staff aware of their obligations under Civil Aviation regulations and the Health and Safety Act? Do you have documented processes and procedures in place to demonstrate compliance with legislation?

Helping You Fly Safer

droneSafe provides a number of services designed to help organisations meet their obligations when flying within New Zealand airspace and provides other services to help select and manage aerial device operations to best advantage. We provide advisory services to territorial local authorities to help determine safe practices for drone operators within their district and, if you need a qualified supervisor for operating your drone near an aerodrome or into controlled airspace, then we can provide a suitably qualified supervisor to get you into the air.

Getting Airborne

Being a safe operator means more than going out and buying a drone and tossing it into the air. We provide drone related consulting services to assist you with selecting the right type of craft, putting together a management regime that allows you to demonstrate compliance, and provide ongoing services and advice relating to the safe operation of your drone.

Advanced Operations

If you intend operating a drone outside of the requirements of CAA Part 101 then you will need to prepare a CAA Part 102 exposition. We can assist with the preparation of this document, the creation of appropriate policies, procedures and processes, and provide ongoing assistance to ensure that you meet your obligations under CAA Part 102.


Flight safety begins with knowledge. Knowledge, just not of how to fly an aircraft but also of how aircraft fly, the environment in which they fly and how pilots react when they are flying. Our training course prepares operators with the knowledge they need to operate drones safely, effectively and within the law.